Turtle Necklaces

Buy Turtle Necklaces & Help Save Turtles At Risk!

Turtle Necklaces

Sea Turtle Necklaces for philanthropy – buy the best trendy turtle jewelry for sale at the lowest price possible! Shop from the largest online selection of premium turtle necklaces & help save turtles at risk. FREE 1-3 Day Shipping 3% To Charity Help Save Turtles Up to 50% Off

Buy Trendy Turtle Necklaces & Help Save Turtles at Risk

We donate 3% of our sea turtle necklaces profits to charities that help save all kinds of sea turtles at risk. All of our sea turtle necklaces are hand-made out of premium materials and shipped for free within 1-2 day out of our warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Unique Hand Made Turtle Necklaces
All of our turtle necklaces are hand made out of high quality environmental friendly materials
Help Save Turtles At Risk
We donate 3% of our profits to help preserve and protect the well being of endangered sea turtles around the world
FREE, Fast & Discreet Shipping
All turtle necklaces come with free USPS 1-3 day delivery straight out of Salt Lake City
Save & Secure Payment
Pay save & secure with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or Stripe

Save the turtles while looking gorgeous in our stunning turtle necklaces. Our lovely sea turtle jewelry is manufactured entirely from high-quality materials and is always available at a fair price.

We believe in giving back and helping save turtles. This is why a portion of every purchase you make from Jewelry Philanthropy is donated to charities that are all about keeping our turtle friends.

Why Wear Our Turtle Necklaces

We made our turtle necklaces with passion and love, and that makes them entirely unique and beautiful. Jewelry Philanthropy carries the most diverse collection of turtle jewelry at the fairest price imaginable and supports at-risk sea turtles today.

Here are our top reasons to wear our stunning turtle-inspired jewelry, with each piece delivered with fast, free shipping for orders starting from $35.

1. Look good by wearing our turtle necklaces for every occasion

Our gorgeous handcrafted Turtle Necklaces Collection blends your favorite sea turtles with the most exquisite and intriguing stones, ranging from turquoise to black onyx pendants. Celebrate the turtle’s tender soul each day by wearing our cute and elegant turtle necklaces.

2. 3% of profits from the sales of turtle necklaces helps turtles at risk

At Jewelry Philanthropy, we strive to raise awareness of sea turtles and partner with various philanthropic organizations to further our cause. 3% of the profits of turtle necklaces sales go toward supporting environmental protection projects for endangered turtles.

These necklaces are both ethical and stylish, well suited to go along with your unique personal style. Additionally, they aid in the promotion of a worthy cause.

3. The largest turtle necklace selection in the world

Whether you’re in the market for striking wooden turtle pendant, delicate gold plated necklaces, or even faux turtle shells, here’s where to go for jewelry that doesn’t cost the earth while saving the at-risk turtles.

We offer one of the most comprehensive collections of turtle necklaces in the world. Undeniably stunning and one-of-a-kind, our turtle necklaced flips the script on accessorizing with simple yet gorgeous designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

4. Fast and free 1-3 days delivery in the USA

We know you can’t wait to get your hands on our turtle necklaces as soon as you click the order button. In that case, we guarantee that all of your purchases will be delivered by USPS First Class Mail to United States customers exclusively. It just takes 1-3 days till your necklace reaches your doorway!

5. Cheapest prices on turtle necklaces

If you want to update your jewelry box with more timeless pieces of turtle necklaces, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Indeed, there has never been a more remarkable collection of turtle necklaces available online than what you will find here. We provide stylish and exciting turtle necklaces at the fairest price.

6. Secure and safe payment

Pay securely using Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal. Not happy with your turtle necklace? Not a problem – you can return your unworn items within 10 days.

Types of Turtle Necklaces

Our turtle necklaces range from single turtle pendants to precious stones to Hawaiian inspired turtle necklaces. We offer various unique and intricately designed turtle necklaces that fit your style while helping save sea turtles!

Single Turtle Necklaces

Our most popular jewelry, these single turtle necklaces, show what turtles symbolize–love, patience, and courage. Those single turtle necklace pieces are the perfect way to get you started with a new fancy looking trendy turtle themed necklace.

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Turtle Necklace Sets

Thoughtful sets of jewelry make terrific gifts. Each turtle jewelry set includes a turtle necklace matched with a pair of earrings and a ring to complement your style for a fantastic look.

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Multicolored Turtle Necklaces

Our multicolored turtle necklaces represent life lessons from turtles, and wearing one will hopefully remind you to stay calm, be patient, swim with the current of your life, and most importantly, to relax and make time for yourself!

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Hawaiian Turtle Necklaces

Inspired by Punalu’u Beach in Hawaii, where baby turtles litter the shore, these necklaces also embody the Aloha spirit–living uniquely and bettering ourselves through small acts of kindness.

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Buy The Best Turtle Necklaces For Sale Online

Jewelry Philanthropy is a top spot to find the most beautiful turtle necklaces and pendants. Look no further as we got you covered. This is the best place to find affordable jewelry mixed with supporting our cause in saving at-risk turtles. Our charms, which feature sea turtles, are adorable designs that will brighten your day.

Shop Turtle Necklaces By Material

Not only do we offer different types of jewelry, but most designs come in multiple metal types. We are committed to sourcing the highest quality turtle necklaces available. All of our necklaces have been carefully selected and created with you in mind and turtles alike.

Metal Turtle Necklaces

Jewelry Philanthropy reworks versatile metals into pieces to build exquisite jewelry. These hand-made pieces are produced from less conventional but more affordable materials like zinc alloy.

Shop All Metal Turtle Necklaces

Gold Plated Turtle Necklaces

We have various gold-plated turtle necklaces that look sophisticated and stylish and are suitable for any occasion. Our gold pieces come at some of the most affordable prices while featuring the most elegant pieces that only look expensive.

Shop All Gold Plated Turtle Necklaces

Silver Plated Turtle Necklaces

Our silver-plated turtle necklaces are a must-have in every jewelry collection since they are constructed of high-quality materials and are tastefully designed. Silver sets the tone for the types of jewelry you can expect from the rest of our brand: bold, pretty, and wearable for every day.

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Wooden Turtle Necklaces

Our intricately designed wooden turtle necklaces are distinct and earthly. We provide one-of-a-kind wooden pendants embellished in the shape of turtles to seem like sea turtle shells that captivate everybody who looks at them. A perfect everyday chill piece.

Shop All Wodden Turtle Necklaces

Stone Turtle Necklaces

From your birthstone to stones that signify healing, we’ve got you covered. Outsourced from precious stones all over the world, Jewelry Philanthropy has a wide array of stones available.

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Diamond Turtle Necklaces

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and whoever said that isn’t lying. Symbolizing eternal love, our diamond turtle necklaces can last a lifetime and are perfect for keeping from generation to generation.

Shop All Diamond Turtle Necklaces

Opal Turtle Necklaces

Opal from the Latin opalus, meaning “precious jewel,” and from the Greek word opallios, meaning “to see a color change.” Discover a plethora of opal turtle necklaces in our collection and see what works best for a Taurus or Libra’s birthstone.

Shop All Opal Turtle Necklaces

Crystal Turtle Necklaces

Our assortment of crystal turtle necklaces provides a diverse range of crystals that influence your mood and emotions. Every crystal in our collection serves a particular purpose and has a distinctive meaning. Discover many crystals in the widest online variety and choose the one that best matches your style.

Shop All Crystal Turtle Necklaces

Faux Turtle Shell Necklaces

Our faux turtle shells are unique and distinct, symbolizing a turtle that supports the earth and the sea on its back, creating a good fortune. Shop in our vast collection of one-of-a-kind faux turtle shell necklaces now.

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Help Turtles at Risk – Buy Our Turtle Necklaces

Many sea turtles are in danger. While some species, which travel regularly, come ashore to bask or nest, sea turtles spend most of their life in the water.

It is a matter of much sadness that almost every sea turtle species is now on the endangered species list. This suggests they are on the verge of becoming extinct in the near future.

Sea turtles, not to be confused with land tortoises, play an essential role in the sea’s environment. They aid in the control of seaweed and other sea plants and provide habitat for other marine creatures such as shrimp and plankton. Females return to the seashore where they were hatched to deposit and hatch their eggs.

If you’re a philanthropist who wants to help the environment, our turtle necklaces are the best accessory that matches your philanthropy. Make a statement by wearing our turtle necklaces which contribute directly to wildlife charities that clean up the oceans, rehabilitate wounded turtles, and express your concern to the rest of the world.


Types of Endangered Turtles

Most people are unaware that there are several species of sea turtles. When it comes to sea turtles, almost all species are endangered, so it is so crucial to go out of our way to help these animals. Here are a few distinct types of sea turtles:

1. Green Sea Turtle

The green sea turtle is the exact type of turtle you think of whenever you hear the words ‘sea turtle’. Just think of little Squirt from Finding Nemo! The green sea turtle is the only sea turtle that exclusively eats plants. They live mostly in tropical water, where it’s nice and warm. Sadly, these friendly creatures are endangered, with around 85,000 left in the wild.

2. Loggerhead Sea Turtle

The loggerhead gets its name from its big head and jaw, which can crush through sea urchins, star fish, and other crunchy creatures on the sea floor! They live in saltwater, so are found in many oceans and seas including the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean. There are around 50,000 left in the wild.

3. Hawksbill Turtle

Similar to the Loggerhead, Hawksbill sea turtles get their name from their mouths – though they have slightly narrower beaks than their Loggerhead friends. One cool fact about these guys is that their shells can change color according to the water temperature! They come in at around 1 meter in length, and there are sadly only 8,000 left in the wild, which makes them critically endangered.

4. Leatherback Sea Turtle

The Leatherback is the largest known sea turtle, coming in at nearly 2 meters in length! It looks much different to all other sea turtles, as its shell isn’t hard, but instead covered with oily skin. They’re also mostly black. They are considered a ‘vulnerable’ species, though there are only around 2,500 left.

Turtle Necklace FAQ

How long does it take for my turtle necklace to arrive?

Every turtle necklace purchase is processed as soon as you hit the order button and is shipped via USPS, and arrives in 1-3 business days.

Are you really donating 3% to turtle charities?

Jewelry Philanthropy began as a brand that sells jewelry and helps endangered at-risk sea turtles worldwide. 3% of the proceeds are donated to our nonprofit organizations all around the world to prevent the illegal hunting and selling of sea turtles. We work to raise awareness and protection of endangered sea turtles all around the world.

What materials are used to create your turtle necklace?

There are a vast array of options when it comes to the selection of materials used in our turtle necklaces. We only use high-quality materials featuring beautiful gemstones and several different types of metals.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, we do! If you are unhappy with any of the turtle necklaces you ordered, you can return your unworn items within 10 days of delivery.

What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) and PayPal.

Is your website secure?

Absolutely! We use state-of-the-art encryption to make sure your information is safe.

What is the minimum order for free shipping?

Free shipping starts at $35. Orders below $35 are charged a $xx.xx fee.

How do you package orders?

Plastic-free, of course! Every turtle necklace purchased is packaged in sustainable and eco-friendly materials as we strive to prevent the use of the things that harm our turtle friends.

Is there a tracking number?

Yup! We will send you an email notifying you that your turtle necklace order has shipped and will provide a tracking number as well.

Do you ship internationally?

Our turtle necklaces are only available in the US for now but we will be in the near future!

Are your products environmentally conscious?

Yes! We wanted to ensure that we weren’t contributing any more environmental waste during the design and manufacturing stage of our turtle necklaces, especially for our turtle friends. So, we looked for factories that are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. Not only that, but our packaging is also recyclable and eco-friendly.

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